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Clearance sale on premium silicone & stainless steel kitchen tongs with elevation stands.

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Posted on: 8/12/2017 1:53 pm

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SALE KitchenPro Premium Silicone & Stainless Steel, BBQ / Stir-fry / Serving Kitchen Tongs with Stands 12-inch, Non-stick Friendly, Dishwasher Safe - Steel Gray
►ESSENTIAL ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN TOOL: Durable stainless steel and high quality silicone will last for years. Only FDA Food Grade silicone used, so there are no worries about chemicals leaching into your food from plastic or rubber tools. These tongs are low maintenance and the design doesn't allow anywhere for bacteria to grow.,►ELEVATION STANDS: Convenient stands keep your tongs elevated off the counter surface to keep them and your counters clean!,►COMFORTABLE SILICONE GRIPS & HEADS: Comfortable silicone grips, soft silicone heads, and durable stainless steel make these tongs super easy to use. Clean up is just as easy - wash under hot water or toss them in the dish washer. When you are finished, the tongs can be locked firmly for storage by simply pulling the secure locking ring outwards.,►SIZE SUITABLE FOR ALL KITCHEN TASKS: For grilling, stir-frying, and serving. The ergonomic silicone grips make it extremely easy and comfortable to control the tongs. This is the perfect tool for home chefs, no matter what you're cooking!,►PREMIUM FDA APPROVED SILICONE: Our BPA-free, stain and odor resistant, FDA Food Grade silicone heads are heat resistant to 480°F/250°C so they can handle all of your cooking tasks. Unlike steel tongs, these will not scratch coated pots and pans, or melt like cheap nylon or plastic ones.
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