LEGO Ideas Nasa Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit Amazon $120 In Stock at Amazon

Posted on: 9/25/2017 2:59 pm

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LEGO Ideas Nasa Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit (1969 Piece)
Features a meter-high (approximately 1: 110 scale) 6224324 of the NASA Apollo Saturn v with removable first rocket stage, removable s-ii second rocket stage - both with rocket engine details,Includes removable s-ivb third rocket stage with the Apollo spacecraft and rescue rocket at top of the whole spacecraft, plus 3 stands to display the 6224324 horizontally,The Apollo spacecraft features the lunar Lander and the lunar orbiter,Includes a booklet about the manned Apollo Moon missions and the fan designers of this set,Measures over 39 inches (100cm) high and 6 inches (17cm) in diameter

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Lego Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V - Lego Speed Build

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djklitz 9/25/2017 3:06 pm

Repped. Got one. Thanks!

pmarin 9/25/2017 3:19 pm

Nice to see it available again. For those with Lego VIP membership (free signup), remember that October is double-points month which equates to 10% bonus. This has been showing up on but then it does sell out quickly (same as it does on Amazon).

Lego has tried to assure us that this will not be "discontinued" soon so there's probably not a worry about never getting a chance. Definitely don't pay 3-rd party seller premiums for this.
That said, it's a great set (I have one I bought from when it was first announced). And even for strict SlickDeals price-per-piece police, this is actually a reasonable price-per-piece too, even though this is at MSRP.

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